Growing a business from scratch is like an uphill battle, there are several perspectives to an entrepreneur’s journey, and the path they clearly see in front of them might not necessarily take them to success. Identifying that there are multiple pathways to completing a task is one of the stepping stones of becoming a successful entrepreneur. This means you need an opinion from outside.

Unless you know the ins and outs your targeted industry, it is important to learn valuable insights from other entrepreneurs around you. The two key attributes that will help you along the way in identifying this path are consistency and persistence. It is your ability to put one attribute over the other at important junctions of your journey that will help you achieve the next milestone.

Two Essential Attributes of an Entrepreneur

Persistency and Consistency: The Two Essential Attributes of an Entrepreneur

Being Persistent in Your Approach

You have to be persistent when it comes to your company goals. What you envisioned at first were innovative ideas, but if you don’t follow through with your plans due to lack of knowledge, stamina or experience, it would be impossible to live up to the disruptive potential of that idea. Having an unshakable vision requires you to be persistent enough to brush aside your critics.

The bottom line is simple. If you won’t follow through, someone else will. You weren’t the first person to envision the idea, and you definitely won’t be the last. Coming up with the idea in the first place gives you a short window of opportunity to execute the idea and make use of the ‘first movers’ advantage. Not being persistent with the idea means that you’re willing to let it slide.

Don’t let the naysayers get to you, because someone else with more persistence will get to the top of the summit before you do. You don’t want your entrepreneurial journey to pan out to a list of ‘what could’ve been’.

The steps leading to the execution of your idea are important, and only those who are persistent enough to stick to their roadmap will even the odds of success.

Being Consistent – a hair short of perfection

What thoughts spring up into your mind when you hear the word ‘perfection’?

The reality is that there is no such thing as perfectionism. The real world isn’t made out of ideal models that can be predicted based on the study of a few controlled variables while everything else is conveniently constant. Perfectionism is a term we usually give to success stories in a bid to hide the struggles and failures that lay every step of the way.

All real-world examples, as aspiring as they are, have flaws that are only obvious when you scratch underneath the glittering surface. For the budding entrepreneur fixated on perfectionism, their journey will be characterized by delays, shortfalls and disappointments. Nothing they do ever fits the bill.

The key to success in entrepreneurship, as the title suggests, is being consistent in your approach. As someone rightly said, consistency powers persistency. The two attributes go hand in hand. As an entrepreneur, you simply do not have the time to slack off and seem uncommitted to your own cause. Your actions and words can make a difference, so long as you are right on schedule.