Most people will find it surprising but successful entrepreneurs share the same attributes with professional musicians. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple has a small following just because of his music, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft used to perform guitar solos with employees and Bret Michaels who built his pet accessories startup, Pet Rock. The list just goes on.


how music helps entrepreneursIt is clear that music has played an important role in their success, and by learning its secrets, you could potentially help your business.


Becoming a Better Listener

You can’t love music if you’re not an attentive listener. Appreciating music for specific tunes, beats and sounds can improve your listening skills. Successful entrepreneurs understand the difference between sounds that make a good impression, and ones that are just plain bad. This in turn improves your conversation with employees, customers, stakeholders and partners.

Listening to music will give you the ability to understand the conversation from the perspective of the person you’re listening to. This helps you craft more meaningful responses that persuade the other party to do as told.

You Perform Repetitive Tasks Easier

The entrepreneurial path is paved with repetitive tasks, such as generating payroll, repeating the same mantra to consumers, and pitching to possible investors. Music influences the ambient surroundings to help you control distractive thoughts, allowing you to pay attention to the task at hand.

You Become More Disciplined

In order to make beautiful music, performers have to dedicate all their times in learning the craft. Before they become big stars, musicians struggle and fumble along the way before producing something that truly resonates with their audience. Good music is only possible through consistent hard work, persistence struggle and a talent for the trade.

Experimenting More

In order to truly produce a masterpiece song, a good musician experiments with several different genres and isn’t afraid to go out of their comfort zone. Discovering sounds that no one else has imagined before requires a knack for experimentation. To stand out from the stiff competition, entrepreneurs of today need to come up with new ideas made possible only through constant experimentation.

Being More Collaborative

A lot of effort goes into producing music, you need a good sound engineer, a great guitar player, someone who knows a thing or two about drums and a great vocalist. These professionals come together under one roof to produce good music. Failure to collaborate with each other will make for a flat experience to the listener, but good teamwork will produce timeless classics.

Entrepreneurs also benefit by connecting with like-minded people to solve problems. It is possible to go very far on your entrepreneurial journey without someone tagging along but to truly capitalize on your target market, you will need someone else’s advise, wisdom and a different perspective altogether.

Success Takes Time

A good musician isn’t known for creating new songs and tracks every hour of every day. It takes several months before an album gets finished and even more time to publish it. Much of the work that goes behind the scene goes undetected but is crucial to the success of the soundtrack. Entrepreneurs familiar with this process will be more patient on their journey to become successful at business.