Everyone goes through the pains of mental disorders, some more than others. It is true that entrepreneurs have it worse than others on account of how much they have to bear on a daily basis. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that at least 49% of entrepreneurs who start their own company have dealt with mental illness.

For 32% of entrepreneurs, it’s a burden they carry throughout their lives.

This doesn’t mean that mental disorders have to become a norm for entrepreneurs. There are several strategies to cope with mental illnesses. Let’s discuss some of the more effective ones below.

Improving Your Mental Health

improving your mental health



Researchers have shown that exercise can do wonders to one’s mental health by reducing depression, stress and anxiety. Exercise also improves a person’s self-esteem and cognitive function. Weightlifting is suggested as one of the best ways to reduce body fat percentage. Making new progress and comparing before and after pictures play a positive role for a person’s health.

Just looking at their physical health reflected on a mirror is enough to uplift an entrepreneur’s mood. Of course, most entrepreneurs do not give due importance to their health, prioritizing their monetary gains over combating mental disorders. Making things worse is the notion that cutting back sleep is a part and parcel of the entrepreneurial journey.

One of the consequences of poor mental health is heart disease, which is cited by many as the leading cause of death in the United States. So when someone gets to brag about staying up all night burning the midnight oil, they are setting themselves up for a vicious trap.


Going to a Therapist

The importance of proper medical attention in identifying, diagnosing, and managing mental illnesses cannot be ignored. Most of the time people, especially entrepreneurs, don’t realize they have a problem that needs medical attention. They end up living with mental disorders without ever acknowledging them in the first place. Least to say, this isn’t good for their health.

Most people don’t believe in therapy, yet statistics show that over 80% of patients undergoing depression can be successfully treated with the help of a few therapeutic methods. There are several forms of therapy, including group, individual, family, and couple counselling sessions that can help entrepreneurs curb depression. Most therapists schedule their patients for at least 50 minutes once a week.

The amount of time spent with the therapist varies depending on the extent of a person’s mental situation.

If you’re confused where to begin the search for medical professionals, get in touch with your local hospital for more information. If you’re situated in the United States, start from Mental Health America.


Eating Healthy Food

Most entrepreneurs don’t give a second thought to what they’re consuming, yet scientists have revealed that what you eat reflects on your entire body and outlook on life. Healthy eating can drastically improve one’s mental health and help him or her prevent disorders such as anxiety, stress and depression. Food can also prevent normal cells from transforming into cancerous ones and keep the body’s immune system healthy.

Consuming fresh produce can curb depression. Fruits and vegetables such as kales, berries, and carrots have enormous physical and mental health benefits that cannot be understated. The healthiest choices of foods would be dark leafy greens, as they are dense in nutrients and easy to consume. Spinach, beans, seeds, and peas are known for their role in boosting the immune system.

Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids. Numerous studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acids boost mental health and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. An article published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found a correlation between diets low in omega 3 fatty acids and the likelihood of developing mental health conditions. Individuals who did not consume foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids faced a high risk of developing depression and other mental issues.


Talking to Your Loved Ones

Sure you might be surrounded by helpful coworkers, cofounders, investors, and other people who have a stake in your business, but they won’t always connect with you on a personal level. The resonance you have with your loved ones and family members is unmatched and unparalleled when compared with someone who does not know you on a personal level.

If you’re undergoing severe depression and anxiety, it helps to talk to someone who is close instead of keeping your burden to yourself. One of the best ways to improve mental health is to spend more time with the people you truly care about such as your parents, spouse or partner, grandparents, and close friends.


Identifying and Confronting What Triggers You

We all have something that triggers us, provoking passive aggressiveness and emotional responses. People with more self-restraint are able to keep their aggressiveness under check when exposed to what triggers them. The problem occurs when you’re repeatedly surrounded by these triggers and you don’t do something about them.

While it is not realistically possible to completely isolate yourself from possible triggers, it certainly helps when you can anticipate them in advance. This way, no one can catch you off guard.

Start by identifying sources of possible triggers and then expose yourself to them before someone else does. It has been observed that the longer a person is exposed to their anxieties and fears, the better they become at regulating and reducing them.


Going to Bed on Time

Most entrepreneurs are guilty of not getting enough sleep. They would rather spend an enormous amount of their bedtime to read up on graphs, research data, and think of ways to improve product quality instead of catching up on their sleep. Your brain is getting tired and has done its fair share of entrepreneurial work for the day.

It has probably ‘overheated’ by now, the nerve vessels may have bloated to the point of explosion, and the ridge lines on your forehead are just about to etch a roadmap of sorrow on your skin.

You can’t keep this up for long without losing your senses, and that is never good for business. Remember that your business is long term, not short term. If you don’t recharge your brain and get some much-needed sleep, you will stop properly functioning and this would harm your business.


Taking Out Time to Help Someone

If you’re tangled up in a lot of mess, it is good to find someone else who’s in trouble and get them out of it. This person could be going through a difficult time, and having you by his or her side might solve both your problems. Being able to relieve other people of their ailments can have a positive influence on your mental health and outlook on life.

Improving your mental health could make you feel good about yourself, improve your relationships with others, and help you create profitable and long-lasting business ties. It is important to make healthy lifestyle choices that can boost your cognitive function and reduce your risk of developing a serious mental health condition.