Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, the entire weight of their business rests on their shoulders. Their job is to find innovative ways to get things done in an efficient manner. Unfortunately for most entrepreneurs, this means spending the entire day and night on work. It is true that you will stop at nothing to achieve the next milestone in your business, but you don’t appreciate how dangerous and unhealthy this practice is.

Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without rest only results in stress and makes it difficult for you to help when your presence really is needed. Being a workaholic may be good for business, but it isn’t for your health. Research has shown that working at least 11 hours or more increases the chances of suffering from a heart disease by as much as 67%.


overworked entrepreneur tipsHere are a few tips for the overworked entrepreneur to bring more structure to their life.

Planning Schedules by Projects

It is helpful to create a schedule based on activities instead of work hours. As an example, Monday is for recruitments, Tuesday is for quality control, Wednesday is for lead generation and so on. A similar schedule will make it less likely for you to experience burnout.

Measuring Success by Metrics that Matter Most

Most people believe that a successful business requires time and money. And while that is true, it helps to measure success by an altogether different metric of success, feeling contentment. Focus on the little things that make you feel more content. Ask yourself if a particular food is making you feel content, if not, find out what it will take to feel more content after each meal.

Studying Successful People

There are many success stories, but what they don’t share are the failures and hurdles that come along the way. Those are boring, and people don’t generally like to appreciate them. While it is important to see what works for them, it helps to craft your own roadmap. Modify someone else’s strategy as necessary.

Ask Other for Help

It isn’t impossible to be alone in your journey and be successful, after all you have become used to the idea of bootstrapping your business from the ground up. But as your project grows bigger, and you with it, you’ll quickly run into numerous hurdles along the way that will require outside help. For starters, your day to day administrative tasks will become more of a burden. Use a virtual assistant to handle them for you.

Focus on Yourself

Being an entrepreneur is no excuse for skipping out on self-care. Manage your daily schedule in such a way that you get to spend some time on yourself instead of trying to achieve the next milestone every minute of every day.

Bundle Responsibilities

Since there are several aspects of your business that need to be taken care of, it helps if you can dispense multiple tasks for the time of one. This eases the burden on your personal resources, freeing you up for other responsibilities.