In only a few years of being operational, Google Ads has become one of the largest online marketing tools in the world. They are based on an incredibly powerful network that offers an amazing opportunity to small businesses to get noticed and that too with very little initial investment.

Whenever a potential customer is looking for information online, they use Google to search for products, services and promotions. Therefore, using Google Ads as an online marketing avenue puts your business at the forefront of searches, lets you receive a higher volume of traffic, gives a much better return on investment and ultimately helps you improve your sales.

The advertising model Google Ads follow is known as “pay per click” or PPC for short. PPC works by instantly connecting you with your audience based on the keywords they enter. If you too are looking to get more business, then we outline for you 3 ways in which Google Ads and PPC can help you in that endeavor.

using google ads to grow small business

Grow Your Small Business

Getting Noticed

When running a business website, many people, especially new start ups, have the idea that simply populating the sites with content and sitting back and waiting for the traffic to roll in is a viable strategy. However, recent experience of many businesses has shown this strategy to not work, especially for people who expect quicker, short lasting gains. Building organic traffic is a time consuming and an expensive process.

Online marketing on Google Ads, on the other hand, is a pretty straight forward process which shows immediate results. And it is not surprising to find out that businesses that advertise on the monolithic platform of Google get instant results. Therefore, Google Ads can be understood as an easy to use and a cheap method of getting yourself or your business noticed.

Add Your Location

If you have a brick and mortar outlet of your business such as a barber shop, a retail store or a restaurant; by using Google Ads you can sign up for a Google My Business account and set up free of cost placement on Google Maps. You can further add extensions to the Google Map location of your business by putting up pictures, placing phone numbers, site landing pages and other sources of getting in touch with your customers.

Target Your Audience Reliably

One of the most useful features of Google Ads is its ability to target your business ads to specific locations and selective demographics. This is a strong characteristic of PPC based ads. You can be a business of any size or be working in any industry, online marketing via Google Ads lets you select your choice of audience and pin them down to selected localities. This feature is used by small neighborhood stores all the way up to giant e-commerce websites working on international scale.

Being able to generate ads that are viewed by people of your choice is beneficial to businesses in many ways. You can even exclude locations and specify demographics based on factors such as age, income level and even subjective markers such as likes and dislikes etc. Your business, using this feature of Google Ads, can lower its cost on advertising and be able to run campaign that see a lot more success and therefore increase its return on investment.