The digital sphere brought about increased interconnectivity, opening several channels of communication and creating unique solutions to problems that never existed. Perhaps more importantly, the digital era has allowed an increased exchange of cash flow creating unlimited opportunities for reallocation of capital where it is need the most.

Making this possible of course is inexpensive technology, that is constantly improving in terms of efficiency and robustness while continuously achieving lower performance to cost ratios. Technology has created a level playing field in industries that were paved with uphill battles and numerous obstacles. Today all you need is a social media strategy and the ability to empathize with the consumer.

One of the biggest issues with young startups in fields dominated by old dinosaurs was advertisements. You simply could not reach a broad audience without splurging dozens of thousands of dollars, your hands were tied because of limited resources.

But in order to tap into this lucrative market, you need to possess certain skills that can leverage the power of the internet. Let’s discuss 5 of the most useful ones.

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Whether you’re a teacher, a doctor, lawyer or a politician, coding will soon become an essential component of your profession. From a business point of view, it helps to become familiar with the core technologies powering so many businesses. These include HTML, CSS, Java, Python. While we’re not asking the reader to learn all of these languages in-depth, it helps to have a cursory knowledge of these skills.

Using Cloud Technologies

If you truly want to take advantage of the internet, you will want to send some of your data to the cloud. It helps to possess a basic understanding of SaaS tools such as Google Drive, Hubspot and Salesforce. These tools help you stay connected with your colleagues and collaborate over the cloud. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about security issues.

Use of Big Data

In order to win over your customer, you first need to understand what drives their purchase decisions. Unravelling the mysteries and trends behind successful sales is the secret sauce to success. Qubole and Cassanda are powerful tools that help you tap into the insights hidden within data generated every time you interact with a client.


The success of your startup depends on how well you’re able to control and regulate its finances. Without understanding the nitty gritty details of cash flow, your chances of succeeding are drastically reduced. There are several accounting and bookkeeping software that cover all your financial needs such as generating payroll, billing and keeping track on invoices.

Communicating over Social Media Networks

This goes without saying, but if you’re unable to communicate with your clients, then switching over the cloud is pointless. The success of your business ultimately hinges on how effectively you’re able to communicate and interact with your customers online. Start by learning how to manage your inbox and using tools to automate messages without spending long hours drooling on marketing campaigns.

All of these skills require a basic overview of the software and sensible application in the right direction. The bottom line to take away from this article is that you always need to learn new skills to stay ahead of the curve. The ones listed above are just a few.