Social media platforms offer amazing marketing opportunities for businesses. On Winners Club, we have previously covered Twitter and Instagram strategies for businesses, especially for those who are just starting out their online venture.

In this article, we carry the journey forward and provide an online marketing guide for businesses who are in their intermediary phase. So if you want to get familiar with the basics such as goal setting, identifying and targeting audiences, we would encourage you to check out our previous posts.

Social Media Ideas for Businesses

Design a Chatbot

Do you get asked the same questions on online portals over and over again? Or are you looking to separate a casual visitor from a potential sales lead on your website? Chatbots are helpful in many cases and when executed with clear goals in mind, they can greatly elevate your marketing strategy.

Chatbots can be tasked to perform the boring and repetitive tasks that your employees hate to perform. They are programmed to tackle simple yes and no questions so that when a client reaches to your team, they are already able to distinguish their particular case.

Ask for Feedback

Opening your business up for ‘ask me anything’ type situations could quickly become too hard to keep up with . But keeping yourself open to client’s feedback and making use of audience discussion forums and online polls can provide you with useful insights. When you engage with people that are interested in your company’s products, they help you identify areas of improvement.

Follower polls are now an important feature of business on Facebook and Twitter. You can make them an important aspect of your product development campaigns. However, when asking for feedback, you should also ensure following through. Or at least make your customers feel that their ideas are being heard.

Launch Your Product or Service on Social Media First

Online spaces have now become extremely important sites of launching new products and services. Businesses are increasingly making use of digital techniques such as creating blog posts, making introductory or unboxing videos, using email blasts and directing all the social media attention towards the new product.

One of the latest and pretty effective strategies is to give your users a more intimate account. You can do this by giving them a “behind the scenes” atmosphere starting from a few days prior to the actual launch.

Such launch campaigns can be carried out in the following three distinct phases:

Preview content: The idea behind such content is to build anticipation around the date and time of the product launch. Give your audience some insiders’ footage that would hint about a new product.

Launch day content: Keep your users guessing regarding the look of the official launch. You can use shoppers’ tags on Instagram and post relevant photos and videos.

Continual promotional content: As your product ages, share user experiences and testimonials to keep its presence alive in the online world.

The above mentioned techniques will help you take your marketing strategy to the next level. Also make sure to read other blogs we post, they will keep you aware of the latest approaches in online marketing.