2017 was the year of millennial freelancers and entrepreneurs as half of their population freelanced. This is an ode to an incoming change in the economy when a wide majority of people will be looking to begin to start up their own business and go on a new venture.

While this is a great thing to aspire for your future, it doesn’t happen overnight and without any preparation. And it’s not only the financial preparation you need to worry about, but mental preparation and the right mindset is essential for all entrepreneurs.

When you’ve made the decision to step into something you don’t know much about, you need some sort of preparation. By being proactive way before actually making the move towards being an entrepreneur, you can navigate your way better.

The best way to educate yourself and get your wheels going is by reading relevant books. These books don’t necessarily have to be about other entrepreneurs’ life story. In fact, you should read books that cover different aspects of life that are significant for an entrepreneur.

must read books for entrepreneurs

Must-read Books for the Young Entrepreneur

The 3 titles below will help you get started if you have no clue about what to read first.

Blue Ocean Shift – Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

As the market is full of Blue Ocean opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of, this book helps you understand how. The authors explain how to beat the over competitive marketplace and seek new opportunities.

This book equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools to help them move in fierce open markets. You will be able to learn how you can detect a window of opportunity in a crowded market and create a shift in your favor.

Now What?! Conversations about College, Graduation, and the Next Step – Ari King

This book is meant for all young college grads that have no idea what comes after for them. With society and their own conscience pressuring them to figure things out, they get frustrated while finding their passion.

This book shed the light on this frustration. In light of interviews of industry leaders, the author explains how your road to success varies from others. Also, he explains that it’s not necessary that things will always go according to your plan or what you expected. It gives struggling graduates reassurance that the struggle and frustration are normal and eventually, you’ll find your way.

Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses – Eric Reis

As the name of the book demonstrates, it is a comprehensive guide on how strategic use of innovation and cash flow management can benefit a startup. Eric Reis explains in detail about the changes a new business experiences in the beginning.

Not only does it teach you how to utilize innovation but also manage your budget effectively. Since money can change everything in the beginning, being meticulous about how to spend it can make or break your business venture. This book helps entrepreneurs how they can do it.

These three books are only the beginning of what is a treasure of lessons that you can learn from hundreds of books. You can begin here and slowly make your way through to learn more.